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Our company specializes in InforMED™ Medical Decision-Making.

What makes these courses different?

Our courses offer in-depth information that is not included in other similar programs. Each course represents hundreds of hours of research, organized into understandable, useable, and well-referenced slide sets and lectures. Students are not just given online multiple choice quizzes, but rather challenging assignments that are graded manually by qualified staff, with feedback for improvement offered when needed. These are not typical health education programs!!

New courses for 2021

Note: these courses will be taught live via teleconference and then filmed and posted on the online course platform

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  $395

The Centers for Disease Control reports that almost 10% of American children have ADHD. This course will look at causes, issues associated with diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and how interventions ranging from dietary change and family dynamics to school and work environments can help both children and adults to live drug-free productive lives.

Atrial Fibrillation $295

It’s the most common cardiac arrhythmia, and the incidence is increasing rapidly. About three million Americans have it, and the National Health Service in the UK reports that it’s a major contributor to healthcare expenditures. Why is this happening? You’ll learn both risk factors, complications and treatment options for this now common condition.

Communication and Problem Solving $395

Poor communication and problem-solving skills lead to stress and conflict in families, businesses, and social settings, and situations generally get worse instead of better over time. Anyone can learn the skills needed to resolve past conflicts and reduce the risk and impact of future ones!

Epilepsy and other Seizure Disorders $395

Seizures are more common than many people believe. Episodes can be so mild that the person may not even notice or so severe that they are medical emergencies and life-threatening. This course will cover the many types and causes, and how to treat seizure disorders.

Headaches and Migraines $395

Almost everyone has had a headache and most of the time inexpensive over-the-counter pain relievers resolve them or they go away on their own. But frequent and recurring headaches are concerning. Pain relievers can mask the discomfort but do not address the cause, which sometimes can be serious. This course will describe the various types of headaches, what causes them, and how best to address them.

Hepatitis $395

There are five types of hepatitis. Viral infections can cause it, but there are many other causes too. Some drugs are said to cure it; vaccines are reported to prevent it. This course will examine these issues as well as the role diet, supplements and lifestyle choices play in both prevention and recovery.


Does HIV cause AIDS? According to many experts, the theory never made sense and was never proven. This resulted in gross misallocation of research resources and unnecessary deaths. The person at the center of the controversy has become a household name recently – Anthony Fauci. This course covers the decades-long controversy, along with the real risk factors and best treatment options for affected individuals.

Pregnancy $395

“I’m not sick, I’m pregnant!” Humans have been reproducing for a very long time, most of it without medical intervention. But today’s mom-to-be is presented with an increasing number of tests, supplements, drugs, vaccines, and more. Expectant moms will learn the risks and benefits of these, along with recommendations for optimal diet and lifestyle to promote healthy fetal development.

Online Courses

Allergies/Asthma $195.00

Topics include the relationship between factors like genetics, diet, hydration, vaccines, weight status, and hormones on development of allergies and asthma; diet and natural treatments for resolving both.

ALS $299.00

Over 6000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the U.S., and at this time there is no cure. The course will examine potential causes, symptoms diagnostic criteria, progression of the disease, and strategies that are currently being explored that may make it possible for patients to live longer.

Autism, Biological Causes and Effective Treatment Options $495.00

The incidence of autism has increased and continues to increase – so much so that one research group estimates that by the year 2050, 50% of American children will be affected. Why is this happening? What can be done to prevent this? And what should parents do if their child begins to regress?  This course will provide answers to both health practitioners and concerned parents.  

Autoimmune diseases $495.00            

Topics include overview of immune function; causes of AID including allergies, asthma, vaccinations, hormones, environment, genetics; traditional treatment of AID, diet and AID, diet and alternative therapies in the treatment of AID.

Cancer 101 $695.00

Defining cancer (how it develops, characteristics of various types of cancer), theories about cancer causation, diet and lifestyle causes of cancer, how to evaluate and choose cancer treatments, surviving a cancer diagnosis, diet and cancer treatment.

Business Training For Health Professionals $149.00 

This course is for people who want to start a business offering diet and lifestyle-related services or who want to expand an existing business without investing a lot of money.  This course will show you how.  After identifying your goals, you will develop a business plan, a directory of services and pricing.  You’ll also learn low-cost marketing strategies that work, how to develop workshops that turn prospects into clients, effective speaking, teaching and coaching skills, and long-term strategies for growth and success.  Classes are taught via five video lectures.  A workbook is provided to facilitate development of a business plan based on the material covered in the lectures.

Cancer 201 (evaluating alternative treatments) $995.00

In-depth exploration of alternative treatments and treatment centers for cancer including IV vitamin C therapy, dietary supplements, Rife Machines, Hoxey, green tea, medicinal mushrooms, hyperthermia, immunotherapy, energy healing

Note: this course is ongoing, and new lectures are delivered and added to the online platform every month

Cannabis: Health Benefits and Risks $695.00

Most states approve cannabis for medical use; an increasing number of states are legalizing recreational use. This course looks at the effects of cannabis on health when used both recreationally and medically, and answers important questions about safety, efficacy, thresholds for intoxication, and implications for public health. Everyone knows someone who is using cannabis, and we will all be affected by its increasing availability.

Cardiovascular Disease $395.00

A thorough review of topics such as structure and function of the cardiovascular system, circulatory system, and heart; atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmias, modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as diet, exercise, smoking, and stress.

Children’s Health $395.00

Topics include how parental health influences children’s health; breast feeding and breast feeding challenges how good eating habits and tastes are formed; how to change eating habits and tastes; how to introduce solid food to infants; social and other situations involving children for ages toddler through young adult; common childhood illnesses and diet and natural therapies.  

Chronic Fatigue $495.00

It’s a complicated and long-term condition that is characterized by extreme fatigue that cannot be explained by an underlying medical condition. Patients don’t get better with rest, and often are unable to participate in regular activities for years at a time. This course will explore various theories about cause, and treatments that have been shown to help.

Cognitive Health and Alzheimer’s $395.00

Almost 20% of Americans can expect to develop Alzheimer’s Disease after age 75, which negatively impacts quality of life for patients and their families. You’ll learn the causes of AD and how to prevent it, as well as strategies for remaining cognitively sharp for the rest of your life.

Contraceptive Options for Women $199.00

Increasing concerns about hormonal contraception has increased interest in alternative methods. This course will examine the safety and efficacy of non-hormonal options for contraception.

Diet, Exercise and Mental Health $395.00

While there is no evidence that psychological issues are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, physical health has a profound influence on mental health. This course covers the relationship between diet and mental health; the optimal diet that supports better mood and psychological states; the connection between the microbiome and mental health, and how exercise relieves stress, anxiety, ADHD, and even psychosis

Diet, Lifestyle and Diabetes $395.00

Course covers type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes; how changing diagnostic parameters has resulted in false diagnoses; a review of commonly prescribed medications, co-morbidities; and how diet and lifestyle changes improve health outcomes for diabetics.

Dietary supplements $395.00            

Topics include history of vitamins and supplements, nutrients in food vs supplements, DRI and RDA,  deficiency diseases, constructive use of supplements in the treatment of disease  

Fibromyalgia $495.00

A disorder characterized by musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, disrupted sleep, impaired memory and many other symptoms. Women are more likely to develop it than men, and the medical profession claims that the causes are unknown and that there is little hope for recovery. This course will review risk factors, theories about cause, and treatments that have been shown to help patients to get better.

Food Allergies $299.00

Includes information about different types of abnormal responses to food, history of food allergy, risk factors for food allergy, how food allergies and intolerances can affect systems of the body, evaluation of methods for diagnosing food allergies, options for reducing symptoms of food allergies.

Food Over Medicine Certified Instructor Course $199.00

This is your opportunity to begin or enhance your career in the nutrition and/or health fields. The curriculum for the course is based on Dr. Pam’s book and will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to help others. Completing it will also increase your credibility, which will help you to reach more people.

The course is offered through five 2-hour video lectures deliver by Dr. Pam Popper, during which you will learn: the optimal diet for humans and the science to support it; the relationship between diet and disease and how diet can be used as an intervention tool; how to instruct patients/clients in managing their healthcare – includes tips on how to interview and interact with/manage doctors; how to assess healthcare options; and how to coach people through making these decisions; how to read, understand, and interpret research studies so that you can continue to learn on your own.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate, you will be listed as an instructor on Pam’s website, and authorized to teach the Food Over Medicine Course to consumers (and charge for the program!). Slides for community presentations and course materials are provided.  

Forming and Maintaining Optimal Habits $395.00

This course is for both health practitioners and consumers, and will address what stands in the way of health improvement – if people know what to do, why don’t they do it?  Topics will include the psychology of change, obstacles to change, overcoming resistance to change, compulsive behaviors and how to change thinking and behavior in order to change weight and health status.

GI Disorders $395.00

Topics include overview of the gut microbiome, and common conditions including reflux, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, ulcers, colon cancer, colonoscopy and other diagnostic tests, gas and bloating, leaky gut and celiac disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Concentrated Look $495.00

IBD is a debilitating disease with multiple contributing causes, and often does not respond to traditional care. This course includes a review of known causes; traditional medical treatment along with efficacy rates for drugs and procedures; complications of disease, dietary intervention, long-term management, and challenges to getting well.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome $495.00

This increasingly common disorder is poorly understood. Patients often spend decades trying diets and food restriction, often with little change. This course examines multiple causes, and offers a comprehensive approach to relieving symptoms.

Kidney Disease $395.00

A thorough discussion of risk factors for kidney disease, stages of kidney disease, therapy options, the role of diet and lifestyle in kidney disease, pediatric kidney disease, transplant patients and challenges, and dialysis.

Men’s Health $395.00

Topics include prostate health, benign prostate hyperplasia, PSA testing, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy

Musculoskeletal Health With Eileen Kopsaftis, P.T.

Got Pain? Want to get rid of it? Eileen Kopsaftis, can show you how!

Eileen Kopsaftis is a health and pain expert who has been helping people to resolve their pain issues, return to the things they love doing every day, and regain their quality of life for many years. She’s a licensed physical therapist (Ohio and New York), who has spent her career seeking out the best methods for restoring people to optimal musculoskeletal health. Often, people feel better quickly, after only a few sessions.

The reason that Eileen is so successful is that she addresses the causes of pain rather than treating at the symptom level only. The use of drugs, surgery, and many other approaches to pain provide temporary relief at best, while the underlying problem becomes worse.

Here are a few things you should know about pain:

  • The painful area is often not the source of the pain
  • Often misalignment or imbalance in muscles that move joints contribute to pain
  • Dehydration can contribute to pain
  • Diet and food choices can contribute to pain
  • Poor circulation is often a cause of back pain
  • It’s never too late to start resolving pain – even if you’ve suffered for many years!

For the first, time, Eileen is making her program available on a video platform that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere! The program includes instructional videos, one module specific to the area of your body affected by pain (shoulder, knee, low-back, neck, etc.), and email support.


$499.00 for Wellness Forum Health Members

$650.00 for non-members

Move With No Pain will not only help you to feel better soon, it will also teach you how to maintain pain-free movement for the rest of your life. The skills you will learn will not only help you with the issue you have right now, but if practiced regularly, can help you to remain pain-free for the rest of your life.

Parkinson’s Disease $ 299.00

Includes risk factors, definitions, diagnosis, strategies for prevention, co-morbidities, challenges in daily living, treatment options, and the role of diet and lifestyle change in slowing the progression of the disease.

PCOS  $ 59.00

Covers causes, influences on female reproduction, and how to resolve.

Research and Writing: Igniting the Curiosity Gene                                 $795.00          

This course consists of classes and research/writing assignments. The objective is to teach students how to find information, assess accuracy, apply what is learned to both personal health and helping others, and to learn to create workshops and write articles based on sound scientific evidence.   

Sports Nutrition $495.00                      

Topics include sports nutrition overview, exercise and metabolism, nutrient requirements for child and adults athletes, hydration, dispelling the protein myths, body composition and energy balance, dietary supplements for athletes, sports-specific nutrition, diet and the professional athlete.  

Thyroid Disease $ 99.00

Covers hypo- and hyperthyroidism, over-diagnosis of thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, the role of iodine and more.

Time Management $195.00

One of the biggest impediments to successfully changing diet and lifestyle habits is time – people do not think they have enough. But they do!  Expert time manager Pam Popper will show you how to get more done than you ever imagined, have enough time to take care of yourself, AND have enough time to enjoy life with friends and family!

Understanding Psychological Disorders $695.00            

Includes information about PTSD, Psychosis, Depression and Despair, Bipolar, Anxiety (includes OCD and panic disorder), ADHD and Behavior Disorders in children, Addiction.

Weight Loss $395.00

Over half of the people living in Westernized countries are overweight, and an increasing percentage of those people are obese. The failure rate for weight loss programs is over 99%, which means that it’s time for a new approach for helping people to lose weight. In this course, you will learn about the influences that contribute to weight gain, which include historical eating patterns, packaging and advertising for food, emotional eating, and social pressures. You will also learn new and effective strategies for weight loss based on the real reasons people overeat. We promise you will learn new things; this is not another series on eating less and exercising more!  The course includes 4 video lectures and detailed slides.  

Women’s Health $395.00

Includes information about hormones, PMS, breast health, menopause, weight gain, bone health, and other specific health issues concerning women. The course includes four video lectures delivered by Dr. Pam Popper, and detailed slides for each lecture. Upon completion you will receive a certificate, you will be listed on Dr. Pam’s website as an instructor, and you will be authorized to teach a women’s health course to consumers. Graduates will be provided with slide sets for teaching the course.   

Your Amazing Microbiome $495.00

The bacterial cells living in the human gut outnumber the cells in the body, and are involved in every aspect of health ranging from digestion to emotional responses. You’ll learn about the function of a healthy microbiome; the various ways in which the microbiome can be damaged; how damage influences health; and interventions shown to restore and stabilize the microbiome.

Vaccines: A Science-Based Approach $695.00

The vaccination issue is now one of the most contentious, and the most important topics in healthcare today. Politicians, in partnership with Big Pharma, seem intent on taking away the right of parents concerning their children, and soon will begin demanding that adults adhere to a vaccine schedule too. This extensive course will feature only the best and most irrefutable science concerning vaccines, researched, prepared, and taught by Wellness Forum Founder and researcher extraordinaire Pam Popper. Topics will include:

  • immunology basics
  • the history of vaccines
  • detailed information about each vaccine
  • diseases for which vaccines are given
  • adjuvants in vaccines
  • side effects of vaccines. who is at risk
  • vaccines and pregnancy
  • understanding herd immunity
  • National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  • How to constructively oppose vaccine mandates and work on legislative change

Religious exemptions are being taken away and citizens will need to be armed with factual information about vaccines in order to be effective with elected officials and other politicians. In addition to the valuable information provided in this course, prepared materials will be provided for distribution to family members, school officials, elected officials and others. Students in this class who want to network with others will be introduced to one another.