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Educational Programs

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Additional courses to be offered in 2017

Note: some of these courses will be taught live the first time and then taped and offered online.  The tentative date for each new course is noted.

Children’s Health. Topics include benefits of breast feeding, how eating habits and tastes are formed, how to change eating habits and tastes, how to introduce solid food in to infants, social and other situations involving children for ages toddler through young adult, common childhood illnesses and diet and natural therapies.  Available now

Men’s Health. Topics include prostate health, benign prostate hyperplasia, PSA testing, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, Low T, vasectomy  offered starting in Fall 2017

Allergies/Asthma.. Topics include the relationship between factors like genetics, diet, hydration, vaccines, weight status, and hormones on development of allergies and asthma; diet and natural treatments for resolving both.  Available Now

Cancer 101.  Defining cancer (how it develops, characteristics of various types of cancer), diet and lifestyle causes of cancer, how to evaluate and choose cancer treatments, surviving a cancer diagnosis, diet and cancer treatment.  offered starting Fall 2017

Forming and Maintaining Optimal Habits. The psychology of change, why change is so difficult, how to develop a plan for changing your thinking, your habits and your life.  Available Now7