List of Services

Health Briefs Library                                                              

Over 2500 articles, most with references, on hundreds of topics related to diet, health and medicine.  Includes articles from the weekly newsletter. New articles are posted almost every week.  Search engine capability; articles can be emailed or downloaded.


Virtual Workout                                                                      

This video platform has workouts designed by our own fitness experts, which can be done at home or at your office. Additional workouts are added monthly so you can change things up and take on increasingly harder exercises.  Instruction is provided on how to work around injuries and other limitations.


Advanced Study                                                                     

Each month Pam prepares detailed slides and lectures based on important health-related books covering topics ranging from the study of genetics to cancer treatment. In addition to conducting two live sessions each month, lectures based on these books are posted on a video platform. Subscribers have access to all previous lectures in addition to those offered each month.


Permanent Weight Loss                                                          

Program Description  WFH Weight Loss is a one-year program designed to help you to permanently change your habits. This is not a typical weight loss program. While the goal is weight loss, this course focuses on two things – health education and literacy (examining the science related to choices regarding diet, health, and medical care) and habit change (which is the only way that permanent weight loss can occur).

This program is not for everyone, and an application and interview are required to determine suitability for participation. We do not want you to enroll in this program unless we feel that you are highly likely to succeed. Qualifications include willingness to commit to complete specific courses and tasks by deadlines, follow directions provided by WFH staff, make big changes to diet and exercise patterns, participate in conference calls and one-on-one meetings, and be accountable for your actions and progress.


Educational Courses                                                               

New! Sports Nutrition
New! Dietary Supplements
New! Research and Writing
New! Autoimmune Disease
New! Understanding Psychological Disorders
Food Over Medicine Certification Course
Weight Loss Certification Course
Personal Chef Certification Course
Business Training
Children’s Health
GI Disorders
Men’s Health
InforMED™ Decision-Making
Cancer 101
Forming and Maintaining Optimal Habits
Causes of and Treatment for Autism


Operation Healthy Girlfriend                                                   

OHG’s mission:  Operation Healthy Girlfriend empowers women to build strong connections with other women in order to support their journeys through life and toward better health. Members are also actively engaged in doing service work on behalf of the Wellness Forum Foundation by helping economically disadvantaged populations to improve their diet and lifestyle habits.

Why join?  Because life is about human connections, and they are increasingly more difficult to make in today’s busy world. When women join OHG, they’ll spend time regularly with a group of trusted women (all sign confidentiality agreements) who share with one another their aspirations, disappointments, victories, and other aspects of life in order to help one another to enjoy better, healthier lives. If you are interested in making new friends, changing your life and your health in meaningful ways, or helping others to achieve optimal health, join our trusted community!

Change your health, change your life, help us change the world!


Operation Healthy Groups                                                       

Let us help you to start a Wellness Forum Health-sponsored group in your area.  Groups of men, families, college students, study groups, and others are welcome. The purpose of these groups is to develop a support system for you and others in maintaining a healthy lifestyle; to enjoy learning about health-related issues together; to engage in charity and advocacy work; and of course to have fun.

Group leaders must be current members in good standing who have completed our basic courses. For information about how to start a group in your area, please call out office at 614 841-7700.