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Membership is the best way to start learning from Wellness Forum Health. As a member, you will have access to a vast collection of educational programs and tools that will help you to:

  • regain and/or maintain optimal health
  • help you to adopt optimal diet and lifestyle habits
  • evaluate information about vaccines, tests, drugs, supplements, and treatments
  • participate in more constructive conversations with doctors and other healthcare providers about health-related matters
  • become a fully informed consumer, which leads to better health outcomes.

You can choose from several membership options, depending on your health status and the topics that interest you.  The more features you choose, the more money you save on tuition.

Membership Chart

Basic Membership Benefits

  • InforMED Health 101: Includes a textbook, online videos, and regularly scheduled instructional sessions which are held at our office in central Ohio and via live teleconference. Curricula includes a review of the science of diet and health, and the skills needed to adopt a program of dietary excellence TM and optimal habits. This course also covers the basics of InforMED™ healthcare decision making, including how to have constructive conversations with your doctor about tests, drugs, procedures and medication reduction or withdrawal.
  • InforMED Health 201: Includes how to find and interview various healthcare providers including doctors, nutritionists, mental health therapists, and physical therapists; how to read basic blood tests, and how to evaluate information and research about diet, health and medicine. Taught live at our office, via live teleconference, and video platform online.
  • Access to the Members’- only website: In addition to recipes and other helpful information, you’ll have access to a library of over 140 workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from food preparation to cancer treatment.
  • Preferred pricing on special events and educational courses
  • Free Shipping on products orders over $250 (US)

Virtual Memberships are available worldwide; some areas feature live instructors. for information about which membership options are available to you, please call our office at 614 841-7700.

Professional Memberships

Benefits of basic membership described above, plus:

  • Health Briefs Library
  • InforMED video Library
  • Advanced Study live classes and video platform
  • Monthly  live Ask Dr. Pam Sessions
  • Monthly live “Things You Should Know” sessions

First year tuition is $320 (a la carte price $1347, save $1027). Description of the features in this package are included below.


Professional Development Membership

Benefits of basic membership described above, plus:

  • Health Briefs Library
  • InforMED Video Library
  • Selection of 3 certification or online learning courses and programs

First year tuition $799 (a la carte price $1814, save $1015). Description of the features in this package are included below.

Annual Pass Membership

Benefits of basic membership described above, plus:

  • Health Briefs Library
  • Advanced Study with Dr. Pam
  • Monthly “Ask Dr. Pam”
  • Monthly “Things You Should Know”
  • Selection of 6 certification or online learning courses and programs

First year tuition $995

Advanced Study Program

Each month Dr. Pam Popper prepares detailed slides and lectures based on important health-related books covering topics ranging from the study of genetics to cancer treatment. In addition to conducting two live sessions each month, lectures based on these books are posted on a video platform. Subscribers have access to all previous lectures in addition to those offered each month. Annual tuition $420 members; $660 non-members

Health Briefs Online Library Annual subscription $29.95
Over 2500 articles, most with references, on hundreds of topics related to diet, health and medicine. Includes articles from the weekly newsletter. New articles are posted almost every week. Search engine capability; articles can be emailed or downloaded.

The Virtual Workout Tuition $79.95 per year
This video platform has workouts designed by our own fitness experts, which can be done at home or at your office. Additional workouts are added monthly so you can change things up and take on increasingly harder exercises. Instruction is provided on how to work around injuries and other limitations.

Concierge Health Consulting Services
Have questions about health? Wish you had someone to ask when you see articles or hear about new books and diet plans that confuse you? Join Dr. Pam Popper’s concierge health education and mentoring program. You will work closely with her as you improve your own health, and you’ll also have an opportunity to learn about important health-related topics that affect you and the people close to you.
Your annual program will begin with a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Pam either in person or by telephone if you are not in the Columbus, Ohio area. (retail price $250). Additionally, you will receive:
– Unlimited access via email for questions and concerns (retail cost $25 per email)
– Advanced Study Workshops – four hours of live programming each month based on important books about health. In addition to participating in current classes, members have access to previous classes on a passcode-protected video lecture platform. (retail cost $660 per year). For a list of recent lectures posted on the video platform, see next listing in this catalog.
– Open live and interactive “Ask Dr. Pam” sessions once per month to get your questions answered. (retail cost $300 per year)
– Things You Should Know – Every month Dr. Pam chooses a topic you should know about, presents information for 15-20 minutes and then takes questions. Topics have included cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, the gut microbiome and vitamin D. (retail cost $300 per year)
– Access to the Health Briefs Online Library – a collection of over 2000 articles on diet, health, and medicine. The library has a search engine to help you to find articles by topic. You can print them, download them, or email articles to others. (retail cost $29.95 per year)
– One annual review session in person or by phone (retail cost $250)
Workshops are recorded so you can listen again or make up missed classes; you can submit questions in advance to make sure your topics are covered even if you can’t be on the calls!