Concierge Health Consulting Services

Have questions about health?  Wish you had someone to ask when you see articles or hear about new books and diet plans that confuse you?  Join Dr. Pam Popper’s concierge health education and mentoring program. You will work closely with her as you improve your own health, and you’ll also have an opportunity to learn about important health-related topics that affect you and the people close to you.

Your annual program will begin with a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Pam either in person or by telephone if you are not in the Columbus, Ohio area. (retail price $250).  Additionally, you will receive:

  • Unlimited access via email for questions and concerns (retail cost $25 per email)
  • Opportunities to learn – Advanced Study Workshops – four hours of live programming each month based on important books about health. In addition to participating in current classes, members have access to previous classes on a passcode-protected video lecture platform. (retail cost $660 per year). For a complete list of lectures currently posted on the video platform, see next listing in this catalog.
  • Open live and interactive “Ask Dr. Pam” sessions once per month to get your questions answered. (retail cost $300 per year)
  • Things You Should Know – Every month Dr. Pam chooses a topic you should know about, presents information for 15-20 minutes and then takes questions.  Topics have included cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, the gut microbiome and vitamin D.  (retail cost $300 per year)
  • Access to the Health Briefs Online Library – a collection of over 2000 articles on diet, health, and medicine.  The library has a search engine to help you to find articles by topic.  You can print them, download them, or email articles to others. (retail cost $29.95 per year)
  • One annual review session in person or by phone (retail cost $250)

Workshops are recorded so you can listen again or make up missed classes; you can submit questions in advance to make sure your topics are covered even if you can’t be on the calls!

The retail price of these programs is $1709.95 if purchased a la carte, but the price is only $399 (for Wellness Forum Health members) or $498 (for non-members) if purchased as a package.