Cat Timmons


Things were going well in my life. I had money, success, an expanding business, family, friends, a decent home, plus time to play and enjoy life.

Then, in 2002, I contracted a viral infection in my sinuses. My doctors began treating me for a sinus infection. I consumed several rounds of antibiotics. X-rays and CAT scans showed that the infection was spreading throughout my facial features, specifically my jaw bones. The infection was causing deterioration of my jaw and teeth. A biopsy of the infected area soon revealed cancerous cells.

At this point, the doctors did not want to perform surgery to remove the infection because of the fear of exposing the cancerous cells to other parts of my body. They wanted to try to find a medicine that would eliminate the infection. But none worked. So ultimately, the infection mutated and spread throughout my body: a cancer called Acute Lymphatic Leukemia.

This diagnosis changed the treatment plan altogether. Now my new doctors wanted to treat me with chemotherapy. Soon after, I became physically unable to keep up with my daily routine. I was tired, sick to my stomach, feverish, and mentally confused. I was told that these symptoms were normal in my condition.

I began to lose jobs because I could not keep up with the work. My medical bills began to pile up because my insurance would only pay a portion of the actual cost. My prescription co-pays rose to $3,000 each for a four to six week supply of medicine. And, I was feeling worse instead of better. That’s when the depression began to set in.

My heart was in turmoil. I was a good person and yet my life was being dismantled and taken away. Everything I had worked so hard for was being stripped from me. My life savings, my clients, my possessions, my mental stability, my health—all gone.

A business associate introduced me to someone who worked at The Wellness Forum, who became my ‘wellness coach’ and talked to me about how important diet was in regaining my health, and that I had to work on my mind, body and spirit if I wanted to get well. I made a personal choice to begin changing my eating habits and attempted to begin healing through nutrition and herbal therapy.

During the next several weeks, I implemented a powerful blend of natural plant foods into my diet. And I stuck to it. Every day, for every meal, I blended these foods into a smoothie. I had already been on a liquid diet for months, so this was easy for me to implement. Six weeks to the day, I woke up and I actually felt better. I began to feel new hope and excitement.

Now, I had to make a decision whether to continue chemotherapy or to stop this treatment and rely completely on food, herbs, and faith. My family begged me not to stop the doctor’s treatment plan, because they were concerned for my health. So I made a deal with them—give me just one week. I will do what I want to do for one week; if my blood tests were worse, then I would continue with the chemotherapy; if my blood tests were the same or better, then they were to leave me alone and let me continue with alternatives. Agreed.

The doctor said, with anger, that if I were to stop treatment now, I would certainly die. Since I was so sick, so broke, and three days from losing my home, death did not seem like a bad alternative to me.

One week later, my blood tests were just slightly better. Not worse, though! I received my family’s blessing to continue my own treatment plan. A couple of months later, my blood tests showed great improvements. My infection and my cancer cells were beginning to dissolve.

One year later, I was infection-free and cancer-free! Not only that, but my allergies were going away, my arthritis was improving and many other ailments were nonexistent.

But the story doesn’t end there. When I was a teenager, I had many surgeries to eliminate cysts in my uterus and ovaries. I was left with 90% scar tissue. I was told that having children would be impossible. Well, with just six months of healing from my last surgery, I found out that I was pregnant. I was in shock. When I told my husband, there was silence. He then said that whatever decision I make, he would support me. I told my husband that the decision has already been made. God would not put me through all this only to let me and my unborn child die now. So, as my doctors explained the serious dangers of this pregnancy and the case for terminating it, my faith just became stronger.

As part of the high-risk pregnancy, we had an opportunity to evaluate my uterus. To our amazement, the doctors could find no scar tissue. They even had my old x-rays showing the scar tissue. Now there was none. As we began to try to explain this, we realized that some herbs I was taking had actually healed the scarring and enhanced my fertility.

At 39 years of age, after 18 years of marriage, I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. My son is now four years old. Along with us, he eats all natural, organic foods and he likes it.

I am now working part-time from home and raising my son. I always look forward to sharing with him how to be healthy and happy.