My story started at age 11 when I started my period. By the time I was 13 years old, I started having severe pain. I thought it was normal but then it kept getting worse and worse every month. I began to have cramps before, during, and after my period. Some months my menstrual period would last for two-and-a-half weeks.

I went to a gynecologist and he gave me pain medicine, but it did not help very much. I had a laparoscopy during which the surgeon found a cyst in my left tube and the beginning stages of endometriosis. The doctors gave me birth control pills, but I decided to stop taking them after two years because I was concerned about the health risks and all of my symptoms returned.

I began seeing a holistic health specialist, who prescribed compounded progesterone. It seemed to help for about six months and then the symptoms returned. I tried lots of different holistic health alternatives because I refused to go back to the doctors who never seemed to have a clear answer and always wanted to treat my symptoms instead of the actual cause. But the holistic professionals just ran tests, and gave me pills and creams. Sometimes they worked for a period of time but I usually ended up worse than when I started.

As if all of this was not bad enough, I started breaking out with acne all over my body. My face was pure red. I felt awful and tired, and at this point the only time I got out of bed was to eat and visit doctors. I was sleeping about 14 hours per day. I gained 20 pounds and even when I tried only eating lettuce I could not lose the weight. My mood swings became more severe, my temper was out of control and I began to develop sugar and thyroid problems. It seemed like I was very young to have all of these health issues.

Forced to go back to medical doctors, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and had cysts all over my ovaries. This time the doctors put me back on birth control and added an antidepressant and metformin for the sugar problem.

I was absolutely desperate at this point, and I continued to pray and pray, until one day a miracle came. A wonderful lady shared with me her personal recovery story with Dr. Pam Popper and The Wellness Forum. I decided to get in touch with her and see what might happen. By this point, I was about seven years into my journey, and I would have probably tried anything. Amazingly, with Dr. Popper’s diet and the exercise she asked me to do, in just six weeks my period returned – the first one in six months! I think I had the biggest smile on my face that I have had in the past three years. I was so thankful and joyful and I felt so much better. I truly felt relieved. My body was starting to work and fix itself, and little by little things started adjusting.

I have been on this diet for about two years and I am almost fully recovered from everything. Most of my pimples are gone, I lost the 20 pounds I had gained, and I have a lot more energy. I am able to function like a normal person. I will continue to stick to this diet for the rest of my life, and I am so grateful for the transformation it has caused in my health. When things were the worst, I never thought I’d have a regular menstrual cycle or be able to get out of bed again. It is an amazing feeling to have my health restored.