Kay Puldelski


Before I was diagnosed, I felt I was living a glorious life, actually. I was feeling good, and for the most part thinking that I was eating in a very healthy way. I was involved in the fitness industry for about 20 years – so with that background, I felt that I was in control of things and that I was definitely headed for a long and healthy life.

I was surprised when I started seeing some enlarged glands; I thought eventually it would go away, and when it didn’t, I saw a doctor. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

I have a small store, a coffee shop, and I told one of my customers about my situation and he recommended that I read The China Study. He also suggested that I talk with another one of our customers, Dr. Pam Popper. I knew Pam, and while I didn’t really know anything about her work at the time, I did talk to her.

I read The China Study, took Dr. Pam’s course, Wellness 101, subscribed to her newsletter, visited her website, and immersed myself in trying to understand what was happening and what to do.

I changed doctors because my first doctor made me feel pretty discouraged; the second one was a little more open-minded. The traditional route for CLL patients is chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation, which I did not want to do.   This doctor was willing to let me do my own thing and monitor me. So that was the route I chose – I would change my eating habits and visit the doctor to see how I was doing.

I thought I was eating well but I learned that I was far from it. And so my husband was kind enough to come along with me with the whole new program which really helped.   We just emptied the pantry out, emptied the refrigerator, and started anew.

Getting rid of cheese was a big thing for us! It just seemed impossible that anyone could live without it and our refrigerator was full of it. I mean we had drawers of cheese, cans of cheese, you name it. And now, it’s all gone.

Grains were not a part of our diet. We had fruit of course, we had vegetables, but not to the degree that we needed. The cookies had to go; I thought that I could not live without them; but they’re gone and I do not even think about them anymore. So the pantry and the refrigerator look completely different, in a good way.

Approximately 11 months after I changed my diet, my blood test showed that my counts had gone consistently down and now I am actually at a normal level. Can you believe it? I mean I can’t believe it myself! I get teary-eyed thinking about it. But it is normal. My blood cell count is normal.

I would say that the doctor was a bit taken back by the results. He didn’t indicate that he was willing to say that diet was the reason the results were what they were. But he could only be pleased for me and was happy with the idea that we would continue to have blood tests done to monitor my health.

I am on board with this diet 100% and so are my husband and my family. It is extending now to my grandchildren. It is really overwhelming, truly overwhelming, and I feel very fortunate.