I contracted Hepatitis C many years ago from intravenous drug use. I have been clean for many years, but of course I am still concerned about this illness. My traditional doctors recommended a one-year treatment program with Interferon, but I was reluctant to do this because of the side effects and the fact that the treatment is often not very effective.

I decided to look for alternatives and shortly after, I met Dr. Pam Popper at a health conference. After listening to her speak, I was convinced that diet was a big influence on health and decided to consult with her. After doing so, I adopted the plant-based diet she recommended with a few additional suggestions to address the Hepatitis C. The results have been amazing. The Hepatitis C has been arrested (my viral load decreased and then has remained constant ever since); my cholesterol went from 182 to 151; and my homocysteine was lowered to 8. At the age of 65, I am healthier than I was at 25. I also followed Dr. Pam’s advice about exercise – I do aerobic exercise, lift weights and practice yoga for flexibility.

I’m glad I did not subject myself to drug treatment – the results from the diet are much better, and there were no risks involved.