Vaccines: What Every Clinician and Patient Should Know

A comprehensive, evidence-based course designed to facilitate informed decision-making about this very important topic. No hype, just the facts with supporting documentation from medical journals, government websites, and other reliable sources.   Developed by Dr. Kathy Waller, former immunology professor at The Ohio State University, this course covers ALL of the most important topics related to this issue, which include:

  • Immunology basics
  • The history of vaccines
  • Detailed explanation of all of the diseases for which vaccines are recommended, along with risks of developing these diseases
  • Detailed description of each vaccine currently recommended, along with information about adjuvant ingredients
  • Data on side effects for each vaccine
  • Vaccine research – how studies are conducted
  • Herd immunity
  • Vaccines and autism
  • Mercury in vaccines
  • Vaccines and pregnancy
  • The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  • Laws pertaining to vaccines – admission to school, state and federal laws, medical, religious and philosophical exemptions
  • Travel and vaccine requirements
  • Proponents and opponents of vaccines

This is the most comprehensive educational program ever developed on this topic!

Format:  60-90-minute lectures posted on a video platform.  Each lecture is accompanied by a detailed slide presentation which can be downloaded by students.  Dr. Waller is available via email for questions from participants.