Eileen Kopsaftis, BS, PT, CAFS, CMI, NE

Have LifeLong WellBeing, LLC and Wellness Forum Health Albany
142 Factory Hollow Rd
Valley Falls, NY 12185

Phone: (518) 496-1265

Available by appointment

Email address: kopsaftise@wellnessforum.com

Formal Education:
Eileen has a BS in physical therapy and has completed over 700 hours of additional training in manual techniques including the Certified Applied Functional Science with The Gray Institute, and the Certified MELT Method Instructor course.  She has completed the Wellness Forum’s Health provider training program and the Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Course, and most of the coursework for the Nutrition Educator Program with the Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies.

About Eileen:
Eileen began her physical therapy practice in 1994, and has pioneered a proprietary method for identifying the origin of pain and treating with a multifaceted approach combining nutrition education, connective tissue treatment, manual treatment to restore biomechanics/joint symmetry, and functional strength re-established in all planes of motion.  She is a member of the faculty for the Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies and has developed an extensive training course to teach other practitioners her methods.  Eileen has delivered presentations to employers and insurance companies on how her strategies can reduce health care costs at the worksite.

Practice Description:
Eileen is licensed to offer all Wellness Forum Health programs and is licensed to practice physical therapy in New York and Ohio.  She offers a concierge consulting package that includes education about informed medical decision making, diet and lifestyle improvement, and classes designed to restore physical function.  Some services are available by telephone in addition to in-person appointments.

She is available to deliver talks and facilitate discussions about nutrition and informed medical decision making to groups.

Free resources include monthly dinners during which participants engage in an interactive discussion about health and medicine; and periodic newsletters.