Nicole Younkin

Nutritionist, Nutrition Educator

Healthy Forks Wellness Center, Parker CO
46062 Black Spruce Ln.
Parker, CO 80138


General hours of operation: 9am to 3pm Mon – Friday. Other times available by appointment

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B.S. Computer Sciences

Graduate of the Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Course from Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies

Graduate of the Nutrition Educator Program from the Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies

Nicole has completed extensive training through Wellness Forum Health in order to qualify as a network provider.
About Nicole

I became interested in nutrition in 2004 when my son, age two, struggled with some health issues. A friend enlightened me about the role of nutrition in health status, and after changing our family diet, his health improved. Since that time I have been on a journey to educate myself about nutrition and the dramatic effect it can have on the disease process.

As a natural progression to my own research, I went back to school to become a nutritionist in 2011. I chose the programs offered through The Wellness Forum Institute due to the incredible credentials of the faculty and the rigorous scientific basis for the courses. As an engineer, I know how important it is for healthcare education to be based on factual, science-based information.

In addition to my career helping others, I am a black belt in karate, love kick boxing, enjoy watching my kids play sports and their dance performances, and skiing, tennis and being outdoors.

Description of practice:

Healthy Forks Wellness center was founded in 2012 by Nicole Younkin. The company promotes optimal health by teaching individuals how to become informed consumers so that they can make evidence-based decisions about health-related matters, and is a certified provider for Wellness Forum Health. Wellness Forum Health has been in business for 20 years and is based in Columbus, Ohio. Parker members have access to both local programming provided by Nicole Younkin and her staff, and programs offered by the corporate office.

Nicole is available to deliver talks and facilitate discussions about nutrition and informed medical decision making to groups.

Free resources include monthly dinners during which participants engage in an interactive discussion about health and medicine; and periodic newsletters.

Telephone consultations are available.