Additional Opportunities

Move Without Pain with Eileen Kopsaftis
Friday, Nov 10th – 1:00PM-4:00PM – $30.00 at the offices of Wellness Forum Health

Education, movement, and self-care techniques to resolve back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and more. A three-hour immersion in self-care that works.

  • What creates back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain issues
  • Introduction to Total Motion Release
  • MELT Method Techniques to improve neurofascial efficiency
  • Training in Move Without Pain
  • Q and A

Got pain? Learn potential causes of back, hip, knee, shoulder pain and why it doesn’t get better. Become educated in three powerful self-treatment methods to restore your body to full pain-free function. Learn Total Motion Release which often eliminates pain in minutes by testing and treating motions throughout the body. Experience improved neurofascial efficiency with MELT Method techniques that rehydrate and decompress joints and fascial lines. Learn how to re-establish functional movement in all 3 planes of motion with Move Without Pain. You will leave with tools, including an official MELT Method Treatment Ball, and knowledge that works to self-treat pain and restore function that will last a lifetime.


Lunch at Wellness Forum Health
Sunday, November 12th – 12:30PM –  $8.95

Eat lunch with Chef Del, Dr. Pam, and some of our amazing speakers; or pick up your lunch to take on the road. A great way to end the conference!

Option 1: Dine With Us
Southwestern Pasta Salad Salad
Fresh fruit

Option 2: Lunch for the Road
Mock Tuna Salad Wrap
Fresh Fruit