About Wellness Forum Health

Our company specializes in InforMED™ Medical Decision-Making.

For consumers we offer:

  • objective information about diets, tests, health conditions, and treatment options
  • programs designed to help people transition to healthier diet and lifestyle habits

The InforMED™ Consumer has a clear understanding of risks and benefits of all health-related decisions and the ability to choose the best options for achieving, re-gaining, or maintaining optimal health, and can take an active role in making decisions about health-related matters. Becoming InforMED™ changes the definition of informed consent. Traditionally, doctors tell patients what to do (this is called informing), and patients say “ok” (we call this consenting). In our model of healthcare, doctors make suggestions, patients look at the risks and benefits of their available options and then inform the doctor of their choice.

For health practitioners we offer:

  • training that includes specific protocols that lead to better long-term health outcomes
  • access to informational libraries and tools that facilitate InforMED discussions
  • educational programming to facilitate diet and lifestyle change
  • affiliate and professional development programs that facilitate practice-building

The InforMED™ Practitioner engages in collaborative discussions with patients, and provides educational programming that empowers patients to take control of their health and to change their diet and lifestyle habits.