Why Join?

Wellness Forum Health is a self-funding organization. We do not take money from outside sources, including investors that might influence or dilute our message. We also do not take money from philanthropic organizations because we believe that they should be helping disadvantaged individuals. Our programming and services is paid for through membership dues and fees for services delivered.

Our founder, Pam Popper, has been actively involved in changing laws at the state and federal level regarding consumer access to better healthcare options and practitioners. She has also been involved in working to influence public policy in the areas of diet, health, and medicine. While articulate individuals can contribute greatly to the discussion, future success in changing laws and public policy will largely depend on the development of a large consumer group of millions of people who demand change. We need for you to be part of this group and to invite others to join too.

Joining Wellness Forum Health gives you access to unbiased information about diet, health; and medicine; provides you with tools to help you to achieve better health outcomes; and connects you with a group of like-minded people. Your membership dues support our continuing efforts to reshape and improve healthcare options and delivery.

Upon joining, we’ll discuss with you your health objectives and how you can achieve them using our resources. You’ll take our foundational “boot camp” courses – InforMED™ Health 101, 201, and 301, which help you to both become an InforMED™ Consumer, and to make diet and lifestyle changes that lead to optimal health. And you’ll be part of our movement for transforming healthcare – we envision a system based on evidence, honesty, transparency, cooperation, and which is focused on better outcomes.

We have already accomplished a lot! For example:

  • We have developed the largest data base of InforMED™ Decision-Making resources in the world. We currently have over 3500 hours of programming and 2500 articles that help consumers to achieve better health outcomes, and practitioners to deliver better care.
  • We have founded our own school in order to provide better training for health professionals. Our plan is to develop this school into a private college and to eventually establish our own medical school. We are leading the charge to force change in all areas of healthcare provider education.
  • We have established a 501(c )3 foundation to fund research and to assist economically disadvantaged populations to access our programming.
  • We have attracted some of the best business and most accomplished partners in the world in all areas of healthcare to assist us in growing our resources for both consumers and providers.
  • We have developed effective programs for implementation at employer sites that both improve employee health and reduce employer healthcare costs.

But there is so much more to do! Here are just a few of the things we have planned for the future:

  • A network comprised of thousands of health providers of all types throughout the U.S., all of whom are trained in InforMED™ Decision Making and offering evidence- and outcomes-based care.
  • Development of accurate health assessment tools
  • Data storage with complete consumer control at all times
  • Member registry to allow data gathering from large cohort to further facilitate InforMED™ Decision-Making
  • Insurance cooperatives to provide reimbursement for services delivered by network providers
  • Wellness Forum Health clinics in employer and community settings

Our Ultimate Plan:

  • To create a fully integrated alternative healthcare system based on evidence that will enable our members to use accurate assessment tools, have insurance coverage that pays for services actually proven to improve health, and have their information stored on our secure record-keeping platform.
  • To connect members with doctors and other providers who have been informed by us and who are fully committed to our healthcare practice model.
  • To teach members how to use diet and lifestyle changes and other effective strategies for improving health, and to provide continued support for InforMED™ decision-making and health maintenance.