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Our Company has been in business since 1996 and offers a wide variety of services that promote better health and better healthcare.

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We’ve impacted tens of thousands of people all over the world, teaching them how to understand health information in order to make the best choices for regaining and/or maintaining optimal health.

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We have developed training programs for both health professionals and for those who seek training in order to enter the healthcare field. Our curricula is designed to show you how to develop a successful practice based on our model.


Make Americans Free Again

TOGETHER we can change things, one issue at a time.

What Makes Us Different?

Information about health can be confusing. The best way to determine whether an article or claim is true or false is to analyze it through agreed-upon rules – the same way winners of sports events are determined – there are rules of the game! In addition to providing vast informational libraries, we will teach you the rules so that you can look at almost any health-related information and know if it is true or false. Best of all – learning to do this is fun! We offer a wide variety of educational programming, services and products for consumers and health professionals, accessible to anybody, anywhere in the world!

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Our staff is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are carefully selected and trained.

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Make Americans Free Again

TOGETHER we can change things, one issue at a time.

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