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Our company specializes in InforMED™ Medical Decision-Making.

Membership Descriptions and Consumer Programs:

BasicProfessionalConcierge HealthWeight LossProf
First year dues$99$320 Save $1027$498 Save $1211$799 Save $599$799 Save $1015
$995 Save $1500+
InforMED™ Health 101, 201
Member Rewards
Basic Planning Session
Members-Only Website
Ask The Therapist
Office Hours w/Eileen PT
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Free Shipping over $250
(Continental U.S. only, does not include water filters)
Health Briefs Articles Library
Concierge Platform
(dozens of videos, new ones added monthly!)
Online Weight Loss course and twice monthly teleconference sessions
Advanced Study Live Classes & Videos
Monthly Live “Conversations with Pam” Sessions 6 sessions per year22 sessions per year22 sessions per year22 sessions per year22 sessions per year22 sessions per year
Monthly Live "Things You Should Know" Sessions
Online Educational CoursesSelect 3 coursesSelect 6 courses
Concierge Health: planning, coaching, support sessions, educational classes

InforMED™ Health 101

Includes a textbook, online videos, and regularly scheduled instructional sessions which are held at our office in central Ohio and via live teleconference. Curricula includes a review of the science of diet and health, and the skills needed to adopt a program of dietary excellence TM and optimal habits. This course also covers the basics of InforMED™ healthcare decision making, including how to have constructive conversations with your doctor about tests, drugs, procedures and medication reduction or withdrawal.

InforMED™ Health 201: Introduction to InforMED Medical Decision-Making

Includes how to find and interview various healthcare providers including doctors, nutritionists, mental health therapists, and physical therapists; how to read basic blood tests, and how to evaluate information and research about diet, health and medicine. Taught via live teleconference, and video platform online.

Members-Only Website

In addition to recipes and other helpful information, you’ll have access to a library of over 140 workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from food preparation to cancer treatment.

Health Briefs Online Library

Over 2500 articles, most with references, on hundreds of topics related to diet, health and medicine. Includes articles from the weekly newsletter. New articles are posted almost every week. Search engine capability; articles can be emailed or downloaded.

Office Hours With Eileen

Eileen Kopsaftis, PT, is a licensed physical therapist. She’s a health and pain expert who helps people to resolve their pain issues, return to the things they love doing every day, and regain their quality life. Eileen presents a new topic at each teleconference session, after which you can ask general questions about musculoskeletal health.

Ask the Therapist

Kyla Rorabaugh is a licensed counselor who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. She helps clients to resolve psychological issues quickly with a present-focused approach. During her monthly sessions, you can ask general questions about mental health

Concierge Health Services

Improve Your Health With One of Our InforMED™ Consultants

Your annual package begins with a planning session, during which you will outline your health objectives and develop a plan of action for health improvement. This can be done via telephone or in-person. Follow-up appointments and unlimited email support will help to keep you on track and making progress toward your goals.

Advanced Study Workshops – four hours of live programming each month based on important books about health.

“Conversations With Pam” open Q&A sessions monthly.

Things You Should Know – a lecture, slide set and discussion each month that covers topics ranging from vitamin D to snoring

Concierge Platform – all Advanced Study and Things You Should Know workshops are filmed and placed on this platform monthly. Currently over 100 videos are available with accompanying powerpoint slide sets.

Live workshops are recorded so you can listen again or make up missed classes; you can submit questions in advance to make sure your topics are covered even if you can’t be in class!

Wellness Forum Health Weight Loss Program

Program Description – WFH Weight Loss is a one-year program designed to help you to permanently change your habits. This is not a typical weight loss program. While the goal is weight loss, this course focuses on two things – health education and literacy (examining the science related to choices regarding diet, health, and medical care) and habit change (which is the only way that permanent weight loss can occur).

Components of the program include: InforMED™ Health 101 and 201, one-on-one appointments, education about psychological issues underlying thinking and behavior, training on how to accomplish habit change, principles of weight loss, twice-monthly teleconference workshops, periodic review of journals, and accountability sessions.

This program is not for everyone, and an application and interview are required to determine suitability for participation. We do not want you to enroll in this program unless we feel that you are highly likely to succeed. Qualifications include willingness to commit to complete specific courses and tasks by deadlines, follow directions provided by WFH staff, make big changes to diet and exercise patterns, participate in conference calls and one-on-one meetings, and be accountable for your actions and progress.

Tuition:  $799 for one year.

Most people who try to lose weight and keep it off fail. If you are like most overweight people you already know this; you’ve failed a few times yourself. The longer you have been overweight, the more the odds are against your succeeding. The only thing that will make this experience different than the last is your willingness to do whatever it takes for a long period of time, and to do things differently than you have in the past.

In our experience, the biggest reasons people fail at weight loss or anything else requiring behavior change is their own resistance to doing things differently for extended periods of time, failure to stay engaged in some type of support program, and unwillingness to hold themselves accountable for progress. You should think long and hard before you decide to apply – and make sure you are ready to commit to yourself to a healthier future for the rest of your life.

Concierge Program For Cancer Patients

The decisions made by cancer patients are some of the most important they will ever make.

Survival can depend on choosing the right diagnostic tests, the right treatment protocols, and the right healthcare providers. Conventional treatments are often not as effective as represented, and getting accurate information from doctors can be challenging. Evaluating the seemingly unlimited array of alternative treatments can be just as daunting. Add to this some justifiable fear, along with pressure from well-meaning family and friends, and it’s no wonder cancer patients feel overwhelmed.

We can help!  Outcomes are better when decisions are well thought-out and based on data!

Our specialty – informed medical decision-making – involves evaluating the risks and benefits of diets, supplements, tests, drugs, and procedures. Once decisions are made, we assist with logistics which include dietary change, negotiating with doctors and institutions, communication with family members, and emotional support.

Our concierge program for cancer patients includes:

Concierge Membership

  • Foundational courses (InforMED 101 and InforMED 201)
  • Access to an online articles library (new ones added weekly!)
  • Access to an online video library (over 200 videos)
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with Pam Popper
  • Monthly live classes on health-related topics and books
  • One-on-one sessions with our Informed specialists
  • One-on-one sessions with our dietitians

Cancer 101

  • Online course that covers history of cancer and cancer treatment, causes of cancer, characteristics of cancer, screening, diagnosis and treatment basics.

Cancer 201     

  • Online in-depth exploration of alternative treatments and treatment centers including IV vitamin C therapy, dietary supplements, Rife Machines, Hoxey, green tea, medicinal mushrooms, hyperthermia, immunotherapy, energy healing and more!

Monthly Support Conference Calls

These calls offer an opportunity for discussion, information sharing, and community for patients as they go through the process of regaining their health.

Tuition: $1495 (one year)