Eileen Kopsaftis, P.T.

Eileen Kopsaftis, P.T. has been a physical therapist since 1994. Her specialties are performing manual techniques to correct biomechanical dysfunction and postural asymmetry. Her passion is educating people about why they have pain, why it hasn’t gone away, and how to fix it. She has created an online program, Move Without Pain, which is offered through Wellness Forum Health. This program teaches both how to determine the root cause of pain, and how to succeed in resolving it.

Eileen observed, early in her career, that while traditional physical therapy offers some relief for patients, it often does not restore patients to full function. This prompted her to consume over 1800 hours of training from many institutions and individuals. This knowledge culminated into a four-prong approach that is very effective at helping people to become free of pain and get their life back.

Eileen is a faculty member at The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies, where her responsibilities include teaching physicians about how to treat musculoskeletal disorders. She was also commissioned to design and administer a comprehensive training program for the institute that teaches clinicians how to replicate her practice.