Professional Development Courses

Let us show you how to develop a profitable practice/business using our proven programs!

Good practitioners of all types are becoming increasingly frustrated with the healthcare system, and many are looking for ways to change their practices, or even leave their existing practices in order to offer better options, such as diet and lifestyle intervention programs to their patients. But doing so is not easy, and challenges includes lack of business experience, not knowing how to bill for services delivered, liability issues and access to programming that both instructs and supports patients who want fewer drugs and procedures and more diet and lifestyle instruction.

We can help you, and offer several options for supporting you as you transition or start a career focused on helping patients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Through Wellness Forum Health, we offer several certification courses which provide you with education and curricula to use in your practice. These include:

  • Food Over Medicine Certification Course
  • Women’s Health Certification Course
  • Personal Chef Certification Course
  • Weight Loss Certification Course
  • Vaccines: What Every Practitioner and Consumer Should Know

Through The Wellness Forum Institute, we offer formal educational programs:

The Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Course – a 39-hour program that provides an overview of topics like optimal diet, cancer treatment, mental health issues, children’s health, women’s health, men’s health, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and more.

The Nutrition Educator Program – 910-hour diploma program that is a science-based alternative to traditional dietetics.

Additionally, we offer courses designed to help you to learn about how to create a successful business using the information you have already learned and will learn if you decide to take some of the courses listed above:

Business Training for Health Professionals – how to set up, start, and market your business and deliver services profitably

Professional Mentoring – 6-month program to help you with both business and marketing challenges and with clinical skills in a private practice setting. Includes the opportunity to practice on several dozen real people who have complicated health issues and want to change their lives.

Health professionals training with us have two options; to learn from us and develop and independent business, or to learn from us and join our growing provider network. Regardless of which you choose, we want you to be successful, and will work hard to help you! The reason is simple; the more prosperous practitioners who are promoting the right ideas about health, the faster, we can change the state of healthcare.