Janet Triner


I was a person who was very much caught in the medical mill that Dr. Popper talks about. I had a lot of G.I. problems and I had a lot of allergy problems. Doctors were always doing all kinds of tests; I would have CT scans and other tests to see what was going on in my abdomen. From about the age of 20, I was having irritable bowel symptoms and they just kept giving me medicine.

I heard Dr. Popper speak at a conference and I was just fascinated. Soon after that, I was diagnosed with asthma and I was put on inhalers and medicine and I was having abdominal pain. My ob-gyn thought it was endometriosis and she wanted to do surgery, and another doctor thought it was a hernia and he couldn’t see it on the test but he was sure if he could get in there he could find it. I called Dr. Popper’s Wellness Forum and set up an appointment and she talked to me on the phone. I thought I was eating a healthy diet, but she said, ‘I can see why you’re so sick.’ I was eating tons of dairy and I was eating tons of sugar because I’m very thin and was able to eat stuff like that and not gain weight. She said, ‘You have to cut out sugar, you have to cut out dairy, you have to cut out gluten.’ She described the diet I had to eat to heal my gut and I changed my diet that day. I stopped that night and then I started eating the healing diet and taking a probiotic.

My asthma symptoms disappeared and then my abdominal issues eventually completely disappeared. I have not had to have more tests, I have not had to go back on medicine. I have a much better body. I am healthy, I am educated, I have been able to educate my family and we’ve all gotten healthier because of that.

In addition to my own health issues, I’m a teacher concerned about children. I had received training on brain function through my school district, which included only a passing mention that protein was needed for brain function. But after taking classes from The Wellness Forum, I was convinced that children needed to eat a better diet in order for their brains to function well. I decided to attend The Wellness Forum’s conference on children’s nutrition and at that conference I met so many people who had made a difference in their school district and I realized that I wanted to do that, too.

I returned home and talked to someone in our central office who told me that we’d need to organize a committee to change school lunches. I am very shy so I surprised myself when I said I would head that committee. During my tenure, we changed school meals, which meant changing food service providers.

Lunches definitely improved — kids were offered whole wheat products, rice, and vegetables and fruit. The food service provider even agreed to do food tasting events for the kids.

We instituted a wellness class for kids, a training program for parents, and I’ve given presentations to our teachers at teacher meetings. I, of course, use information on healthy diets in my own classroom and now teachers come to me for information on what to do in their classrooms.

I tell everyone who will listen that we are educators — we teach kids how to read, how to write and how to do math; we should be teaching them how to make good food choices too.