Whole House Water Filter

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Our water filtration systems use high efficiency Catalytic Activated Carbon for water quality improvement because it’s considered the most effective adsorbent used in the water treatment industry. To illustrate it’s absorption capabilities, it is estimated a single spoonful of activated carbon has as much surface area as a football field.

Enjoy great tasting, filtered water from every faucet in your home! Highly effective, long-life Catalytic Activated Carbon is used during STEP #1 to reduce or remove: taste, odor, chlorine, chloramines, some trihalomethanes (THMs), some haloacetic acids, some heavy metals, such as lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and sediment. During STEP #2, your water is treated with KDF-55®, a highly effective bacteriostatic filter media, used to control the growth of bacteria and extend the service life of the activated carbon.