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Tuesday August 16 9:00PM How To Get Out of the Medical Mill with Dr. Pam Popper
Ready for health? This workshop will discuss how to tell if you have been over-tested, over-treated, and need to have more constructive conversations with your doc(s).

Thursday, September 8th; 9:00 PM ET Green Tea & Cancer
While Dr. Popper says there are no magical foods, the one possible exception is green tea. Over 1,800 articles in medical journals show the effect of ONE green tea polyphenol on cancer.

Learn how green tea can be part of a cancer prevention and treatment strategy.

Monday Oct 3rd , 7:00 PM ET Introduction to Evaluating Vaccines with Dr. Kathy Waller
Dr. Kathy Waller is a former professor of immunology at the Ohio State University who became concerned about vaccines several years ago. She is the creator of Wellness Forum Health’s vaccine course, and this is your opportunity to learn some basic information about this issue for free.

Fall Learning Opportunities with Wellness Forum Health and the Wellness Forum Institute

Take the Diet and Lifestyle course this fall, and choose 3 of our fabulous certification courses for only $275!

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Introducing the Virtual Workout Video Series with Chris Dorka

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Below is an informative presentation on "Introduction to Informed Medical Decision Making".

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